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Neuroeducation for leading, teaching and learning in a V.U.C.A World


Sarah Rudling

Director – 3C Consultancy
+61 417694342

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About Us

Schools today require teachers and leaders to focus on teaching, leading and learning in a VUCA (Volatile, Unpredictable, Complex and Ambiguous) World. Educators and leaders that understand how and why humans behave can enhance a quality learning environment that caters for the unique needs of students, teachers, administrators, support staff, parents and carers in their community.


As a unique and specialised consultant, I deliver contextual professional learning that has been designed for the school, staff, group or individual in understanding the brain and its creation of human behaviour.  I combine current research in neuroscience and holistic wellness (cognitive, emotional, social, physical and spiritual) with personal experience to provide meaningful, relevant, engaging and thought-provoking sessions that inspire deep thinking and practical suggestions to purposefully “do things differently”.
My extensive lived experiences as a teacher, Assistant Principal, Highly Accomplished Teacher and Principal, as well as being a foster carer, have given me insight and sensitivity to the knowledge and skills in working with and raising children from complex backgrounds.
As a Faculty member of the William Glasser Institute and a certified Reality Therapy coach, I weave this world renowned internal psychological model into all training I deliver.


I am a graduate of the Australian Childhood Foundation - Certificate in Developmental Trauma. I continue to expand my deep knowledge and personal experience understanding the connection between the science of the brain, the internal workings of the mind, trauma informed practice and developments in groundbreaking neurotherapeutic and healing modalities. My personal lived experience provide direct personal and professional linkages to all professional learning I deliver.
Please contact me for any additional information regarding professional learning packages outlined below.

Participant Feedback

I just wanted to say a big thank you for your presentation today although I really feel that no amount of thanks is enough. I found your session to be highly relevant to teaching in our schools today. I can’t get some information out of my mind but can assure you I’ll be a ‘better’ person after hearing your presentation and considering the information provided. I am hoping many schools will contact you.

You will make a huge difference for the teaching of our most vulnerable children.
NSW Director Educational Leadership


Amazing! Thank you for authentic professional learning that can be transferred into practical application!

Real. Experienced. Knowledgeable. Engaging. 
Primary Teacher


What an invigorating morning! This should be a MUST for all staff. Thank you for your work and belief that your hard work will pay off. You are a very well informed and experienced presenter. I am coming away with a variety of different strategies to try at school.
Primary School Learning and Support Officer


Awesome presentation!  Very clear messages and information woven into practical narratives. Such a great pre-cursor to our new well-being processes.
High School Teacher


Refreshingly upbeat and thought provoking.
High School Learning and Support Teacher



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